Monday, December 28, 2009

Empty Nest - Full Heart

I sat and listened from my room as the noises of the morning slipped through the door. I heard little Ruth as she impatiently waited for her bottle to be warmed up. There was Christmas music and sounds of someone making breakfast. There was talking and laughter.
I forced myself to just listen. I wanted to rush in to be a part of the activity, but I stayed, making mental notes about what I heard.

It was the sound of a home. The sound of family. It was the sound of those who enjoyed being where they were.

So aware of my blessings, I thanked God for the noises.

This morning…

Well, this morning there was silence.

I usually love the quiet in the morning as I prepare my heart for the day. But, not this morning.
Christina and Zach left on Thursday – Christmas Eve- to be with Christina’s family in MI.
Yesterday Josh, Lauren and Ruth began their long ride back to Montana.

So, in the silence I sat quietly… thinking.

It was a wonderful Christmas filled with those we love - ones we aren’t able to see often enough and others that we get to see regularly.

The five of us rang bells for Salvation Army at a local grocery one morning.
On a quiet evening, we all ventured out for a snowshoeing hike in our back yard, while Lauren’s supper baked in the oven.
There was a loud game of Pit with friends of Josh and Lauren’s, Larry & Laura from Camp Forest Springs.
We went on a final shopping run and found great deals on desired gifts.
There was a fire going in the fireplace while we watched a Christmas movie.
We also went to an extended family gather at a local town hall with many of my aunts and uncles from my Dad’s side of the family. It’s there that the traditional raw beef and onions was enjoyed by many.
There was time spent at both of our parent's homes to celebrate and enjoy being together.
There was the Christmas Eve service at church that ends with nothing but candles lighting the room while we sing Silent Night. Faces glowing all around reflecting the light.
Dale made Belgian waffles for breakfast before opening our gifts.
There was little Ruth to play with and enjoy watching.

It was a wonderful week.

My “nest” is empty but my heart is full.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Emmanuel, God with us. Just as He fulfilled His prophecy at Jesus' birth, He will again prove Himself faithful when He comes again. Praise God!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


"The people walking in darkness have seen a great light. On those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned." Isa. 9:2

For many years as our boys were growing up, we celebrated Advent. It starts the 4th Sunday before Christmas. Each night around the dining room table there were verses recalled and read as a candle was lit - each week lighting one more. Our candle holder was a wooden bird where candles fit into the ends of the pieces which where the feathers. It was made by our nephew, Jason.

The boys were eager to volunteer to light a candle and recall it's meaning of how God proved Himself faithful in providing the promised Messiah. All other lights in the house were off. Only the candles dimly lit the room. Verses were read from the book of Isaiah. We then sang O Come, O Come Emmanuel, each week adding another verse. Christmas Day, the fifth and final candle was lit. We no longer sang the haunting words and melody of Emmanuel. It was now the time to celebrate answered prayer. So the song became Joy to the World the Lord Is Come!

Holding hands around the table, we ended our time in prayer. I think the boys enjoyed blowing the candles out as much as lighting them.

Dale and I haven't really celebrated Advent since they've been gone. I don't know where the bird candle holder is since we moved 5 years ago. And more of a loss, I don't know where the book "Let's Celebrate" has disappeared to. It was a book that gave ideas for celebrating many holidays as a family and had the verses which we used each year for Advent. It also had a photo of Zach, when he was about 3 years old, marking the Advent pages.

One meaning of Advent is "the coming or arrival". I know that in the past several years without that nightly reminder to prepare for Christ's coming, I have been more caught up with preparing for our family coming home.

Getting rooms ready - food prepared - gifts bought & wrapped. (Well.. soon!) All of these things are good and necessary.

But, with God's gentle nudge, I've been convicted of my neglect in preparing for His coming.

Preparing food - but is my heart prepared?

Cleaning rooms - but is my heart free from sin?

Buying gifts for others - but am I aware of His "indescribable gift" throughout my day?

So I encourage you, as you see the Christmas lights, as you sit and look at your tree and as you listen to the Christmas carols on the radio - give thanks to God for the most precious gift of all.

Smile and rejoice in the real reason for giving.