Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3 in 1

This past Sunday we had 3 things going on that aren't on our usual schedule for Sundays.

First we had the MS Walk. A few years ago a friend of ours was diagnosed with MS. Katie, Joel's wife, had sent out invitations to family and friends to come and be a part. It was held at South High and Dale and I walked the 3.1 mile route. It was a cool, but sunny day and we finished in 1 hour.

They had donated subs and other goodies for lunch. I was glad that Katie had sent us the invitation to be a part of "Team Joel". I hope that it was an encouragement to them to see all that were able to make it on a Sunday morning. I know that there would have been others there had they not had commitments at church.

From there we went to the groundbreaking for this years Habitat for Humanity house.

It was exciting for the single mom and her family as they stepped onto the shovels and dug in where their new house will eventually stand. They are anxious to have the opportunity to help with the building process. Dale is the President of the Sheboygan Chapter so he was in charge of the short ceremony. Christina's pastor was there to pray and ask God's protection as the building soon gets started and for God's blessing to make the house a home.

From there we went to my folk's house. They were still in Florida over Easter so we hadn't celebrated that together, yet. So we did that and also celebrated Mom's and David's birthdays. There was the traditional chocolate Easter egg hunt outside for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This year I think that they found all of them. They don't always find them all and we don't always remember where we hid them.
Then there was the year the Jerome, Grandma Grace's husband, started finding them and eating them himself. We never quite knew what to expect from him. Thankfully Mom had some extras in the house.

Mom and Dad have had a way of creating memories by doing special things over the years with family. Those will always be remembered as something that we did on Holidays or special occasions.

The rest of our family wasn't there. While the others were out looking for eggs, I called and talked with Zach. I knew that Lauren and Josh were out in Virginia for a friend's wedding so I didn't call them. It is hard at times when they aren't able to be here for things. We understand why, but it doesn't make it easier. As much as we would want them to be here for things like this, our prayer is that they would be right where God wants them to be. My God is teaching me much lately. At some time I'll share more. For now...there is much to thank Him and praise Him for.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thanks Lauren!

I was so excited when I saw the ultra sound pictures that Lauren put up. That is my first grandbaby. I was, and still am, amazed at the awesomeness of creation. So tiny and yet Lauren could see the heart beating. We can see the bones in the fingers and see the thumb in the mouth. God is good.
I was also glad that right at the beginning, Lauren clarified that it was her ultra sound - not mine. That could certainly get some conversations going! "Hey, did you hear about Brenda?"
Oh, boy. Don't need that.
I'm anxious to see more pictures as the little one develops.
A new baby Vinson. I can't wait!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I (Lauren- not Brenda :) got an ultrasound done yesterday and wanted to share the picture with everyone! We don't know the gender yet, we'll find that out in another 6-8 weeks, but here's the little one! I think it's sucking it's thumb in the top picture.
I'm about 13 weeks so far, and only a little tiny tummy bump to show for it, but on the US I saw the heart beating! It's about 3 1/2-4 inches long and already it's little body is functioning at an amazing level! I was blown away by seeing this little living body in mine. Josh and I are both thrilled looking forward to meeting the little one. I'll be putting more updates on my blog in the future (the link is on this page).