Monday, April 23, 2012

Open Hands


How are you with changes?

When life forces them upon you?

Or when God leads you to something else or somewhere other than where you’ve been?

Are you one who with excitement embraces the changes that you know lay ahead?  

Or are you one who prefers to have things stay the same?  A status quo type of person?

Years ago I took one of those personality tests so that I could know what my strengths were and to help me to know myself better.
It was also helpful in getting Dale and myself to understand each other and why we do what we do.

I don’t remember the “label”, I’ve never liked those. They always had strange names.
But I do remember one thing.
It told me that I don’t like change.  I’m a “don’t rock the boat” person.

As I’ve looked at different events in my life, this has helped me to understand my emotions at those times.

Didn’t make it easier.
Didn’t mean that I now was ready to embrace change with open arms.
It just let me know that I would regularly struggle in dealing with change.

Do you see the problem with that?
I do

As we all know, change is a constant thing in life.  

Yet, I continually try to hold on to my routine.

My status quo.

Keeping what I am able to - the same.  

I rarely even move the furniture in our house!

God knows me. He knows that I need time.
Time to process
Time to think things through
Time to remember that I can trust Him

I love when we have communion at our worship services.

Going up to the altar –
listening to God’s word being spoken –
being encouraged in His love for me-
reminded of His ultimate sacrifice

It is a place where I force myself to pry my closed fists open and lay them before my God.

With a head that wants to hold onto some things of the present, I struggle to have a heart that will allow God to lead into the future. I struggle to let go of what I know I can not control. But, God, ever so gently and lovingly, reminds me

He is faithful
He is trustworthy
He is enough

I pray that you find him to be the same for you.