Monday, August 08, 2011

The Brave Knight

Once upon a time, in the land of the brat, there lived a brave Knight and his young Lady. (ok, maybe not so young) They planned and prepared with excitement as they anticipated their next journey. For this adventure, they were traveling to the Governor's Park. So they loaded their portable castle with all of the necessary accoutrements: the ax, the portable lantern and flame, vessels of ale (ok, it was really water) and the butchered sow. (pork patties)

They arrived in the land known for its badgers and Cornish pasties.  It was where the Lands End. There they were met with the King and Queen and other Knights and their Ladies. They enjoyed an evening of great food and merriment.

As the starlit sky sparkled like jewels, they each headed out to their own castles. They were weary from their day of travels.

But then....

        sometime during the night...

               a noise was heard by the Lady.

She listened carefully, trying to discern where the noise was coming from.
Was it from without?
One of the masked bandits known to wander the forests taking from the wealthy?

No!! It was from within!

Not wanting to disturb her sleeping Knight, she laid still hoping that whatever beast it was would find it's own way out.
Suddenly, she felt a slight breeze along her face and she thought to herself,
"There should be no wind inside this castle!"

She quietly reached for and lit her lantern. That's when she saw it!
A bat!! Flying back and forth trying to escape the castle walls. She darkened the light.

Dale!! (oops)

"My Knight, my Knight!! There is a bat in here!" she whispered loudly caring not that he had a long journey at the break of day.

"What?" the Knight asked sleepily.

The Lady repeated, "There is a bat in here!"

The Knight quickly arose gathering his wits and anything else that might help. He lit the lantern while the Lady drew the curtains around her raised sleeping platform. The entire castle was searched from tower to dungeon, but no bat was found. He turned off the lantern and sat guard near his Lady so that no harm would befall her.
Long into the night he waited and listed, but no more was the bat heard or seen.

The next day after the brave Knight continued on his journey, the King and another Knight of the Rectangular Table, searched the castle to no avail. Using their trained hands they repaired the castle for the Lady where they thought the walls may have been breached.

The Lady missed her brave Knight in shining armour. She loved him so and prayed for safety on his journey. She will always remember him as he sat guard protecting her during that long night.