Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas Memories 2008

Christmas 2008 is now just wonderful memories. I smiled as I looked at these pictures again and was reminded of the times that we had together.

There was the engagement of Zach to Christina Prince of Holland, MI a few weeks before Christmas. We are so excited for them. She is perfect for him.

There was the hunt for the tree and the decorating of it. We'll need to get used to doing that with just the two of us now.

There was the bad weather that Josh, Lauren & baby Ruth and Christina had to drive in to get to our house on the 23rd. We were so thankful as each of them drove up the driveway. My extended family Christmas that is usually held that night was canceled because of the weather. So there was no throwing of the wrapping paper this year.

There was the joy of having a baby in the house. Ruth is such a precious baby. She was just starting to smile and interact with us. Several early mornings we enjoyed time with her and let Josh and Lauren sleep in. We all enjoyed that time.

There was the hunt for the pickle ornament which Zach won - again.

Having a baby in the house at Christmas seemed to naturally draw my thoughts to the infant Jesus. How could God the Father send his son, God also, into this world knowing what was to come?
My human mind can not comprehend the heartache of God. What was heaven like during those 33 years?
As the angels rejoiced over the shepherd's fields, did they already know what lay ahead? Did they know the battle that was to be waged because of the Father's great love for us? Did they know of Calvary?

I am in awe of the depth of His love. At times I think that I am starting to understand it. But, then when I take time to really consider all that He has done, I realize that I have yet to begin to understand His "unfailing love".

So, as you also consider the tremendous love of God, I share our Christmas with you.