Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Day Out and About

This past week I took Ruth, Dale's mom, out for her birthday. It was about a month late, but I wanted to do it on a weekday. I had off from work this week so we headed out on Tuesday.
We had lunch at the Tea Room which is a little place inside Richardson's Furniture Emporium in Falls. It was a bright area with the sun shining in from the large windows. They don't have a large selection on their menu but that was OK. We each selected one of quiche slices along with a spinach salad and piece of their delicious bread. The tea menu had more types of tea than I could drink in two months of going everyday. So, it was hard to make a choice. We shared a tea with lime and something else. But, because I didn't write it down I've forgotten what it was!

It was a very nice and relaxing lunch. I'm so thankful for Ruth. I don't like calling her my "mother-in-law" because that word often conjures up negative stereotypes. I call her my Mom-in-law. She has been a wonderful woman to get to know and love. She has set a great example for me as a mother-in-law - encouraging, loving, praying, offering advice but, then letting me know that I can do what I want with that advice - take it or leave it.

Next we headed to Olivu 426. It's this unique little shop in Sheboygan where you can make soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs... all sorts of things, even eyeshadow and lip gloss. There were several others there so we watched as they made different things. One little girl was making heart shaped soaps to which she had added glitter and pink things. If you don't have time or don't want to make your own they have items that you can purchase.

Here I'm trying to decide which scent to add to the whipped lotion that I was getting. There is quite a selection to choose from - almost as many as there were tea flavors!
It was special to spend the time with Ruth. We don't do that often enough. So we decided that when Lori, her daughter, comes we will head there together again. Maybe I'll ask my mom and make it a mother/daughter thing. That would be "sweet".

Sunday, March 23, 2008


"Then the other disciple, the one who had gotten there first, went into the tomb, took one look at the evidence, and believed." John 20:8 The Message

It makes it sound so easy to believe doesn't' it - just look at the evidence.
What evidence, you ask, can we see?

We can read about the historical evidence of which there is plenty. There have been several men who set out to discredit the resurrection only to find, after looking at all of the evidence, that the only conclusion that they could come to was that Christ had died and was now alive.

But, I'm not talking about that kind of evidence. I'm thinking about lives that I see lived out before me. Is there evidence in their lives that God is indeed alive and living in them. Not because they go to a certain church, have been confirmed or have been baptized. But because they have put their faith and trust in a God who died for their sins and rose again to live forever.

Is there evidence of the Hope that is in them - in me?

Is there evidence of a changed life?

Is there evidence of a life that is lived differently than others around them?

"Why do you seek the living among the dead?" Luke 24

I pray that my life will be evidence to those around me that I serve a "Living God". That they can look at how I live my life and see something different. That's kind of scary. What if I'm the only evidence they see? What if when they're looking at me they see a selfish, uncaring person? What if I choose that day to live for myself?

Oh, God. I have so far to go. I pray that I may never be a hindrance to Your working in some one's life but, rather evidence to help them believe.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


We had turkeys out at our feeders this morning. The hook with two feeders on it was already pushed over Thursday night by some hungry deer. With the feeders down on the ground the turkeys had a feast set right before them.

They are all waiting for Spring. Well, Spring is officially here. They are waiting for this.....

to look like this.

It's not just them. I'm waiting also.
We all have times of waiting. I'm waiting for my stomach to get back to normal after having the flu last weekend. I have been waiting for Spring Break to be here so I can enjoy a week off of work. I wait to hear from people I love. I wait to see how God answers prayers.
There are times that I'm pretty good at waiting. Then there are times when I need to remember to "rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him" Ps. 37:7

Saturday before Easter.
It's a day of waiting.

This past week I was mindful of the meaning of this week for believers in Christ. As I read Scripture where it told of Christ's days before His death, I prayed that I would be mindful of the cost... His cost.
"Unthinkable" was the name of a song sung yesterday at the Good Friday service. I wish that I would have written down the words, but I sat and listened mindful that it really is unthinkable that an all powerful God would die - for us - for me.

So we wait.

We wait in anticipation of the celebration of the empty tomb.

We wait to lift our hands in praise to the Living God!!

We wait to join with other believers on the day that makes life worth celebrating!

Sunday's a comin'!!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Yesterday was a wonderful day.

It started off with a call from Josh at 7:00 a.m. I love to hear my boys say, "Hi, Mom". It makes my day. So, even though I was making my lunch and getting breakfast ready before heading to work it was a joy to talk with him.

Yesterday I also talked with Zach as I sat on our front steps in the afternoon sun. He was just getting back from the beach with Christina in Port Charlotte, FL where they were staying with her grandparents.

Yesterday I talked with each of our parents. We are so blessed to have wonderful relationships with them. I thank God for their love and support.

Yesterday it was 50 degrees out with blue sky and warm sunshine. I had windows open in my car as I drove around after work and sat out in the sunshine soaking up my vitamin D.

Yesterday Dale grilled soy marinated steaks on the grill for supper. We had spinach salad with craisens, blue cheese and hickory nuts. We also has fresh asparagus. For dessert there was strawberry schaum tortes compliments of Dale's mom, Ruth.

Yesterday Dale gave me a beautiful gift.

Yesterday was my birthday. I celebrated love, family, Spring and life!

Then came today! WoW! God is good!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Just For a Moment

One day this past week as I sat quietly in the morning, I heard them. It wasn't much, it wasn't too loud. But, I definitely heard them. Birds!! Birds at our feeders were actually singing! Could I be hearing things? Or was my hearing playing tricks on me in my deep desires to see some hint of Spring? My hope soared as I listened. I actually closed my eyes and imagined myself sitting in our screen porch on a warm spring day. I decided that even if I have to sit out there wrapped up in a blanket with a heated rice bag to keep me warm, I would do just that in the not too distant future.
Well, with it only 19 degrees and a -0 wind chill, it certainly won't be today. As I was out driving this morning, you'd never guess that it wasn't January. It was cold and the new dusting of snow was being blown over the drifts. It swirled and danced silently on the roads. There are things I love about Winter, but really!!

I give up!

Sorry, I just couldn't take it anymore. :[
Just for a moment I lost it.

But, I'm back. I'll be OK.

Spring will be here - even if I have to enjoy it just for one moment at a time.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

For some of us that phrase, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President", is a phrase from history. But today I use it not for JFK and MM, but rather for DSV and HFH.
Dale recently celebrated his birthday and he also was elected the President of Habitat for Humanity for Sheboygan County. For the past year he has been volunteering for them and helped in the construction of a new home for a young single mom. With his knowledge of home building, he was able to be a great help in the building of the Sheboygan home.

After working with some home owners that wanted all of the latest & best things and who found fault with tiny imperfections, he enjoyed working for a family that were so very thankful to have just the basics. Habitat for Humanity is an organization which many of us are familiar with, but I didn't know that it was a Corp. with the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Christ by working with economically disadvantaged people. So last month he was elected President of the Sheboygan County group. It will give him an opportunity to use his administrative and construction abilities.

I think that he will do a wonderful job.