Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Day Out and About

This past week I took Ruth, Dale's mom, out for her birthday. It was about a month late, but I wanted to do it on a weekday. I had off from work this week so we headed out on Tuesday.
We had lunch at the Tea Room which is a little place inside Richardson's Furniture Emporium in Falls. It was a bright area with the sun shining in from the large windows. They don't have a large selection on their menu but that was OK. We each selected one of quiche slices along with a spinach salad and piece of their delicious bread. The tea menu had more types of tea than I could drink in two months of going everyday. So, it was hard to make a choice. We shared a tea with lime and something else. But, because I didn't write it down I've forgotten what it was!

It was a very nice and relaxing lunch. I'm so thankful for Ruth. I don't like calling her my "mother-in-law" because that word often conjures up negative stereotypes. I call her my Mom-in-law. She has been a wonderful woman to get to know and love. She has set a great example for me as a mother-in-law - encouraging, loving, praying, offering advice but, then letting me know that I can do what I want with that advice - take it or leave it.

Next we headed to Olivu 426. It's this unique little shop in Sheboygan where you can make soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs... all sorts of things, even eyeshadow and lip gloss. There were several others there so we watched as they made different things. One little girl was making heart shaped soaps to which she had added glitter and pink things. If you don't have time or don't want to make your own they have items that you can purchase.

Here I'm trying to decide which scent to add to the whipped lotion that I was getting. There is quite a selection to choose from - almost as many as there were tea flavors!
It was special to spend the time with Ruth. We don't do that often enough. So we decided that when Lori, her daughter, comes we will head there together again. Maybe I'll ask my mom and make it a mother/daughter thing. That would be "sweet".

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