Saturday, March 22, 2008


We had turkeys out at our feeders this morning. The hook with two feeders on it was already pushed over Thursday night by some hungry deer. With the feeders down on the ground the turkeys had a feast set right before them.

They are all waiting for Spring. Well, Spring is officially here. They are waiting for this.....

to look like this.

It's not just them. I'm waiting also.
We all have times of waiting. I'm waiting for my stomach to get back to normal after having the flu last weekend. I have been waiting for Spring Break to be here so I can enjoy a week off of work. I wait to hear from people I love. I wait to see how God answers prayers.
There are times that I'm pretty good at waiting. Then there are times when I need to remember to "rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him" Ps. 37:7

Saturday before Easter.
It's a day of waiting.

This past week I was mindful of the meaning of this week for believers in Christ. As I read Scripture where it told of Christ's days before His death, I prayed that I would be mindful of the cost... His cost.
"Unthinkable" was the name of a song sung yesterday at the Good Friday service. I wish that I would have written down the words, but I sat and listened mindful that it really is unthinkable that an all powerful God would die - for us - for me.

So we wait.

We wait in anticipation of the celebration of the empty tomb.

We wait to lift our hands in praise to the Living God!!

We wait to join with other believers on the day that makes life worth celebrating!

Sunday's a comin'!!

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