Saturday, March 08, 2008

Just For a Moment

One day this past week as I sat quietly in the morning, I heard them. It wasn't much, it wasn't too loud. But, I definitely heard them. Birds!! Birds at our feeders were actually singing! Could I be hearing things? Or was my hearing playing tricks on me in my deep desires to see some hint of Spring? My hope soared as I listened. I actually closed my eyes and imagined myself sitting in our screen porch on a warm spring day. I decided that even if I have to sit out there wrapped up in a blanket with a heated rice bag to keep me warm, I would do just that in the not too distant future.
Well, with it only 19 degrees and a -0 wind chill, it certainly won't be today. As I was out driving this morning, you'd never guess that it wasn't January. It was cold and the new dusting of snow was being blown over the drifts. It swirled and danced silently on the roads. There are things I love about Winter, but really!!

I give up!

Sorry, I just couldn't take it anymore. :[
Just for a moment I lost it.

But, I'm back. I'll be OK.

Spring will be here - even if I have to enjoy it just for one moment at a time.


Linda said...

It was 59 degrees here today, 55 yesterday. You should move to Iowa.

Linda said...

I just realized how unfair it is that I have warmer weather, but you have the porch :(.