Friday, March 14, 2008


Yesterday was a wonderful day.

It started off with a call from Josh at 7:00 a.m. I love to hear my boys say, "Hi, Mom". It makes my day. So, even though I was making my lunch and getting breakfast ready before heading to work it was a joy to talk with him.

Yesterday I also talked with Zach as I sat on our front steps in the afternoon sun. He was just getting back from the beach with Christina in Port Charlotte, FL where they were staying with her grandparents.

Yesterday I talked with each of our parents. We are so blessed to have wonderful relationships with them. I thank God for their love and support.

Yesterday it was 50 degrees out with blue sky and warm sunshine. I had windows open in my car as I drove around after work and sat out in the sunshine soaking up my vitamin D.

Yesterday Dale grilled soy marinated steaks on the grill for supper. We had spinach salad with craisens, blue cheese and hickory nuts. We also has fresh asparagus. For dessert there was strawberry schaum tortes compliments of Dale's mom, Ruth.

Yesterday Dale gave me a beautiful gift.

Yesterday was my birthday. I celebrated love, family, Spring and life!

Then came today! WoW! God is good!

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