Thursday, March 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

For some of us that phrase, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President", is a phrase from history. But today I use it not for JFK and MM, but rather for DSV and HFH.
Dale recently celebrated his birthday and he also was elected the President of Habitat for Humanity for Sheboygan County. For the past year he has been volunteering for them and helped in the construction of a new home for a young single mom. With his knowledge of home building, he was able to be a great help in the building of the Sheboygan home.

After working with some home owners that wanted all of the latest & best things and who found fault with tiny imperfections, he enjoyed working for a family that were so very thankful to have just the basics. Habitat for Humanity is an organization which many of us are familiar with, but I didn't know that it was a Corp. with the purpose of sharing the Gospel of Christ by working with economically disadvantaged people. So last month he was elected President of the Sheboygan County group. It will give him an opportunity to use his administrative and construction abilities.

I think that he will do a wonderful job.

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Linda said...

Congrats to Dale - I know he will do a wonderful job.