Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Getting Started

I'm embarking on a new endeavor that I hope will help us keep up with
what is happening in our families. At times there are so many interesting things going on, that I think all of us would enjoy seeing and reading about them. Whether it's Josh and Lauren in Ireland, Zach's music updates or whatever the Lindau & Whitman families are up to, my goal is to keep us informed. I hope that you will add your news and pictures, or e-mail them to me to put on the site for us all to enjoy. If you haven't received an e-mail from me yet just mail me and I'll send you the info. This could be a regular stop on your computer time. I'll provide links to your blogs or websites also. I enjoy reading what's going with family and I hope that you will also.


Lynette said...

nice picture!

La Verne said...

Hi, Brenda, Would like you to print this about your grandma Grace. It is beautiful and I would put it, with the picture, in a frame to be hung on the wall in Grandma Grace's room. You are a loving caring granddaughter & I love you lots. Mom