Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Josh & Lauren tuning in!

We are excited to join the blog! This is new for me (Lauren). We wanted to share a tiny bit of what is going on in our lives. Without taking up a mile of space here, briefly the past month or so: Josh turned 25 on June4th, I reminded him that he is now half way to 50 years (he was ecstatic to hear that fact :). He and I and our friends Seth and Cathy went down to Seneca Rocks, West Virginia to camp and do some rock climbing. It was tons of fun, the weather perfect, and just nice to get away.
We too a few fishing/camping trips this summer so far. We have our work schedules nicely arranged so that we can take long weekends every so often. (I really wanted to have the pic of me and my big fish, but it's still in the camera, so maybe later).
Josh is headed out to WI today for some fishing with dad, time with the family, and a friend's wedding . (this is my weekend to work at the hospital, so I'll be hanging out here at home).
We will both be heading out to WI for the family camping trip in August. We will be stopping in NY for my 5 year WWC reunion, then heading out there. We are very excited!

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