Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Just Had to Smile

This morning was a bitterly cold morning. When I headed to work at 7:15 it was below zero. I had only gone about two miles when while crossing a bridge the tire seemed to make a little more noise than usual. It wasn't long and I could feel that something was wrong with the tire. I pulled onto the shoulder to find.... you guessed it - a flat tire. I hurried back into the warm car to look for my AAA card, but couldn't find it. So I called Dale to get the number from him. He said that he would call them for me. He then let me know that someone would be there within 45 minutes.

On my blog entry from just a few days ago I mentioned about being stressed out some with all I was trying to do. So, before I left work I was going through some e-mails to find a devotional that gets sent to me each day and guess what it was about. Yup, stress. Well, maybe I should say it was stressing making time for Christ in this busy season. I did have my time with God before I left the house but it was hurried. The devotional suggested setting aside 30 minutes this week to spend with Him.

I just had to smile as I remembered this while waiting for the tow truck to arrive. It was a wonderful 30 minutes. I was blessed by that time. When the man was done with changing my tire, I told him that God had given me this time to concentrate on the true meaning of Christmas. I wished him a Merry Christmas and headed to the auto service we use so I could bring in my tire. I would pick it up after work.

I returned later in the day after doing some quick shopping. As I went to pay, he said that he didn't want to do a credit card charge for something that was less than $20. I told him that after shopping I didn't have enough to pay him.

I had to smile when he said, "You can come in anytime and pay it. That's fine."
I didn't know that there were places like that anymore.

I quickly ran to the grocery store for milk.
I just had to smile as I overheard 2 sisters. Maybe 8 and 5 years old.
"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious", said the older girl.
"super", said the older girl
"super", said the younger

I just had to smile...
I hope that you had a day filled with things that made YOU smile!

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Linda said...

These are called G.O.D. sightings, Brenda; glad you recognized them.