Monday, September 13, 2010

Trusting in the Waiting

Last January I remember talking with a friend about the new year of 2010. I mentioned that I had this sense of some kind of adventure awaiting Dale and me. It was hard to put my finger on what it really was, an uncertainty or unsettledness if there is such a word.

Less than 3 months later, Dale was unemployed - his position eliminated.
And so the adventure began.

He enjoyed having the Spring and Summer off to spend time outside finishing projects and gardening again for the first time in years. We drove to Montana 2 times and also went camping with my parents and my brother, Terry, and his wife, Sandy.

Every week he was filling out many job applications and sending out resumes and trying to follow up on them. But he got no response, only rejection letters. For the first time in 6 months he actually had an interview last week. Woohoo!
Thankfully, I am now back working at a local high school.

As I write this I am sitting in a hospital room waiting for Dale...
- a new adventure.
Just over 2 weeks ago Dale found out that he has a kidney stone - a large one. He was to have it removed this morning, but...God had a different plan "A". With the Dr. unable, after many tries, to do what was necessary to prepare to actually remove the stone, Dale is now with an "intervention radiologist" who will hopefully help make it easier for the urologist to try again in retrieving the stone in 2 days. (I'm deliberately leaving out the graphic details.)

I know that this was God's plan from the beginning

I know that God still loves us.

And... I know that I've got to get out of this little windowless room! The sun is shining and I'm going for a walk to the lake.

God is good... all the time.

I know that I can trust Him in the waiting.

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