Saturday, October 02, 2010

126 Years

Last night we went out to celebrate our anniversary. But, not just ours, my parent's and my brother & wife's anniversary also. Together we have 126 years of marriage!
We started the evening by going to a local marsh where a new tower was built overlooking the area. It's only 80 ft. up, so it was an easy climb. We took a few pictures up on top. I almost lost my camera over the edge. I had set it up for taking the picture with the timer and forgot that it was looped around my wrist. As I pulled my hand away I almost sent my camera a long ways down the stairs. Thankfully I realized what was happening before it was sent sailing.

From there we went out to eat. Dale and I split a walleye sandwich. It was really quite large and tasty. We also had sour cream and chives French fries. Nothing fancy, but nice.

Then it was to my parent's house for dessert and a few games of Jocker. We regularly play this game. It is fun game where it is men vs. women. We - the fairer sex - won two games rather handily. Wohoo!! We always have fun together playing that.

Tonight, Dale and I went to an Italian place about 30 minutes away and had a wonderful dinner together. He has some kind of steak and I had grilled shrimp over angel hair pasta. Both were delicious.

Both of us have such a wonderful example set by our parents. My parents just celebrated 59 years and Dale's parents just celebrated 64! That is such a wonderful heritage for us and our kids to have. We are so thankful for them. They have lived life before us and shown how to trust God through difficult times.

Tonight we reminisced about our wedding day so many years ago. I wish that cameras were as frequently used then as they are now. There are things that neither of us could remember clearly. As I look back, we seemed so young - and so in love, excited about what lay ahead for us. And now, we are no longer young - but are even more in love, still excited about what is ahead for us. We continue to learn about each other and how we can encourage and meet each other's needs. It is something that we need to be working on and striving for each day. But, it needs to be intentional or else I find that I take for granted the amazing man that God has placed in my life. I am so thankful for Dale. He is the perfect man for me and I am honored to be his wife and live this life with him. He is a man who loves God and strives to live in a way that will glorify him.
He is my friend, my encourager and the one who I hope I have many more years with here on this earth.

Happy Anniversary, honey!

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Tonja said...

Hi Brenda,
I'm so happy to know that my post inspired you. Time goes so fast, doesn't it? If we do not take the time to do those things we wish we could...time really will be gone. It is such a time of fun when we get together...but more than is a time of renewal. I hope you do plan a trip with your cousins. Do it now!
What a lovely anniversary celebration! The food looks and sounds delicious! How nice to celebrate with family, too. I enjoyed perusing your blog. What cute grandchildren!
Please come and visit again...and be sure to let me know when you take that trip! Blessings!