Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Men in My Life

I have been so blessed by the men God has placed in my life.

First there's my Dad. We just celebrated his 76th birthday. What a blessing! Just 3 years ago one of my brothers and I hurried to Florida, where Dad and Mom were for a month, when he had a heart attack and needed bi-pass surgery. I was always "Daddy's Little Girl". But, I'm also his only "girl". In a young girl's life it is so important to know that her father loves her. I never doubted that. We didn't always agree - I wasn't always obedient - I didn't always make the best choices - but, I always knew that he loved me. He set the standard for the type of man I would look for - loving, caring, hard working, God fearing.

Then there's Dale, the loving, caring, hardworking man, that God brought into my life many years ago. He is the optimist and the giver in our family, just what God knew I needed. He's not afraid to take on new projects and learn how to do them.
Take all of these hickory nuts, for example. While driving around to his job sights he came across a hickory nut tree that was dropping them all in the road. So he stopped and his "new" project began. That table full is a small portion of what he has collected - so far. So the hunt is on to find the best way to crack them, store them and use them. In fact right now, he is cracking some while watching the Badger football game. I must admit that they do taste good.

Then there are our boys - young men really. Both are also hard working and loving. They also like to have fun. Here are 2 pictures of Josh finding a new use for Zach's PT putty.

Josh and Lauren have been married for 3 years already. We are so thankful for Lauren and the fun that she brings. It's nice to have another woman around to give the guys a 2nd feminine perspective. And with these guys there are times that they need it.

Zach and Christina have been dating for 1 year. I've enjoyed the times that she has come to visit Zach. And as we've gotten to know each other I feel that she comes to visit us also. She just sent us some caramels that she made at home (Holland, MI) after having them first here. We're excited to see how God leads in their relationship.

Here's a picture of the 6 of us last Christmas.

I can't wait until all of us can be together again. It might be a while, maybe Thanksgiving or Christmas. But, I look forward to more games of Dutch Blitz or Settlers of Catan, times of laughter, times of going to church to worship together, time to just be together. Life moves so fast and we need to cherish each moment that God gives us with those we love.
David in the Psalms talks about our children being our reward. I feel like I've collected mine. They are precious to me, a joy to watch grow, mature, learn to use the gifts and talents that God has given to them. I'm excited to see where He takes them!


kindredheart said...

Watching your relationships with your adult sons has poured courage into my heart. It's so awesome to see them walking with and seeking after God; to watch them embracing the faith they were taught as their own. I'm so thankful for your family, friend! I look forward to your not-too-far-off reunion!

Linda said...

We are blessed, my friend. What a tribute to the guys in your family and then the blessing of adding Lauren and Christina.