Monday, September 01, 2008

Rockin' the Corum!

This is the flyer that Zach put up for his Sr. recital last Thursday. Dale and I headed out on Wednesday so that we would have time to drop off some needed furniture at the apartment that he had recently moved into with 3 other guys. It was nice to see the neighborhood where he lived. I love being able to picture in my mind what he’s talking about, to be able to “see” his world. We went to a nearby place for lunch called Marie Catrib. They have an interesting cuisine which is a combination of Lebanese and Yooper flavors. (Upper Michigan for you none Midwest folks) It was quite different from anything around here.

Thursday we helped Zach move some of the sound equipment from one building on the campus to the Student Union where his concert would be held. Both sets of Grandparents were able to make it to Grand Rapids along with Sharyn & Lori (Dale’s 2 sisters) and Peter, our nephew.

Christina, Zach’s girlfriend, did a wonderful job of planning and making the food for the reception. Our family helped by bringing bars, breads and some fruit. I’m so thankful for Christina’s willingness to do that for us and Zach, of course. She had a delicious assortment of food that the college students greatly enjoyed. We had them grab some food before Zach started playing. It made it feel more like a concert at a coffee house than a recital. There was a lot of food so that also gave them more time to eat!

Zach did a terrific job playing. He played 14 songs. Eleven of them were ones that he had written. A bass player and a drummer accompanied him on most of the songs. I really liked how they sounded together.

You could tell that he was comfortable in front of the almost 100 people who were there. The head of the music department said that it was one of the best attended recital/concerts ever. I also liked that fact that he had to write up information about each song, so that helped us to understand the meaning behind the lyrics on some of them.

I sat in the back and not only thoroughly enjoyed watching Zach, but I was also watching others watch Zach. It was unlike a “coffee house” in the fact that no one was talking. Everyone was totally focused on him. At the end of the last song there was an immediate standing ovation – even by his professors that were there.
I don’t know where he gets it from.
Well…I guess I do. His musical ability is a gift from God. He has an unusual ability write music and play notes that come from somewhere inside of his head.
What a gift. Our prayer is that he continues to use that gift to give glory back to the one who gives “a new song”, God Himself.

On Friday before heading home we went to Holland, MI and made a stop at Veldheer’s. It’s a tulip farm. We had been there is Spring a few years ago and saw the millions of tulips in full bloom. Now, in the Fall, the bulbs are for sale. So I wanted to pick some up to plant at home. That should keep me busy for a good part of a Saturday!

It was a fast 2 days. But, it was a wonderful 2 days. To able to share in Zach’s accomplishments with family and friends is something that stirs deep in a mom’s heart. I am so thankful for everyone who came and helped make that night so special.

If you’re interested in hearing some of his new songs go to:

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