Monday, September 01, 2008

Summer's End

I can not hardly believe that it is September 1st today. But, I just ripped August from my little calendar and there it was!

Saturday we went to an Amish Auction. There are several held each year in Wisconsin. One is always the Saturday before Labor Day. They sell hundreds of quilts of varying sizes, baskets and beautiful furniture.

They also have an area where people can bring in things that they want to be auctioned off. We again brought a load up. We’ve been going through things in the house & garage packing up things that we no longer need. Dale had a large amount of tools and miscellaneous items. We put it out in the field along a fence line and the second auctioneer sells these items while another one is under the tent top selling the quilts. In about 2 weeks we will get a check in the mail for our total, minus the 12% that the Amish use for their school. The Amish do all of the selling at the auction and providing of delicious food. They also sell baked goods and homemade noodles. It is always such an interesting clash of cultures – the Amish buggies all lined up, the women in their plain dresses and men in solid colored shirts, little boys with the bowl-cut haircuts and the little boys & girls running around barefooted. Then there’s us. It causes me to pause and think about what we have and what we really need.

When I was outside on the screen porch this morning there were several large V’s of geese heading South over our house. Behind us is a river and just up the river a little it has an area that is very wide. As a kid we used to call it the Mill Pond, although there has never been a mill on it. In the Fall the geese like to congregate there. So again this morning I heard the familiar sound of the geese.

The quiet, unhurried time on the porch with my Bible open speaks to me of Summer.
The calling of the geese speaks of Fall.

When asked which season I like best, I would tell you that there are things that I love about each of them. But, honestly, it’s summer that I love most.
I’m gearing myself up to getting up early tomorrow morning to go back to work at a local high school. I’m trying to decide when I’ll bring out my Fall items for the house. I’m just not quite ready to let go of summer. So I made a light summer lunch of a ham & cheese mix that I put into a pita. It’s great for a hot day like today. I was in the pool twice and also sat outside and read.
It has been a lazy day, a summer day. I loved it!

I’ve loved my walks with my Mom three times a week. That has now ended.
This week it seems that many things start – work, youth group, planning suppers ahead of time. Oh, and as Dale reminded me – it’s the start of the football season.
Oh,boy. Can't wait.

But, it is a new season.
God has helped me to prepare for it.

I feel ready.
I think.

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