Monday, August 03, 2009

With This Ring...

I sat staring at the ring on Zach’s finger while Pastor Jon continued with the ceremony. In an instant I was back in the delivery room twenty-three years ago. Then it was as if someone pushed the fast forward button while the memories skipped through my mind. From a blond haired little boy with a quick smile to the brown haired young man staring into the eyes of his bride - I wondered, where has the time gone? When did I take such a long blink that I could possibly now be sitting in this little chapel at his wedding day?

It is a day of celebration as we watch them become man and wife. A day with family and friends new and old. A day of seeing the answer to prayers. It is a day of sunshine when rain was in the forecast. A day of smiles, pictures and great food.

And now, just finishing with the Wisconsin reception, I am again so aware of being blessed by those same things.

This is some of what Zach and Christina wrote in their wedding program.

“Our parents began praying for us far before we were born, and continue to pray for us today. Mom and Dad, we are eternally grateful for your endless support, encouragement, and advice. Words cannot express our love for you.

Each one of our family members and friends have played significant roles in the seasons of our lives. We are truly blessed by your presence here today and always. Thank you for celebrating with us; it wouldn’t be the same without you.

And finally, how deep the Father’s love for us, how vast beyond all measure! It is His love that we desire to exemplify as we embark on our marriage adventure together. We pray that you see His patience, faithfulness, and selflessness through us. To God be the glory.
Thank you for being part of this truly incredible day.”

First 2 Photos by Nick DeMaster. Thanks for sharing, Nick.

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Linda said...

Brenda, it has been such a joy to see your pictures and your thoughts and now Zach and Christina's words. I would have loved to have seen it all personally, but you did a wonderful job and have given me the next best thing to being there Thanks :).