Sunday, November 06, 2011


I love this church building

I love the white brick with the bright, red doors

The crisp, clean appearance of it

The contrast of the colors, making it very easy to see where one enters the building.

But, most of all I love that the door is open.

This is the church in Nashville where our son, Zach, and his wife, Christina, worship. We were with them last weekend and walked through those open doors.

It was a very cold morning - cold enough that Zach had called to tell us to dress warmly because the building was cold.  He was there early to practice for the praise team.

Yet, the door was open.

There was frost on the windshields

Yet, the door was open.

My first thought was, "why don't they close the door? Keep the little bit of heat in the building?"

But, they didn't. It was open through all of the service.

The more I've thought about it, the more I love seeing it open.  
You see, maybe it's not about keeping us warm &  comfortable. Yet, that comfort was my first selfish thought. Maybe it's all about others. 

I think that they are saying to those who see it,
"come on in, you are welcome here,
the door is open".

And we were welcomed in. The air may have been cold, but not the fellowship amongst the people inside.
The worship of our God was precious and genuine.

Dale and I were old enough to be the parent of just about everyone there. But, we were made to feel as though this is were we could belong. I loved that, and

I loved red door,

the open, red door.

God, help me to be an open, door, a visible sign to those around me of the loving God that you are. I praise you for your amazing love, love that threw open your arms and said, "Come, you are welcome here". 

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