Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Catching Up

Wow, I'm so far behind I don't know where to begin. So I'll start the farthest back.

In October, Cornerstone University (which is Zach's school) had a parent's weekend. So, even though Zach spent the semester on Martha's Vineyard at the Contemporary Music Center, Dale and I decided to head to Grand Rapids. One of the fun things that we did was to use a skydiving simulator. It was awesome! But, we do look rather funny. "Just arch your back and fall forward..." - over a mesh area from which a powerful motor blew air at very high speeds lifting us up.

It was a fun experience. We figured, "When are we ever going to have a chance to do that again." And it was cheaper and safer than the "real thing".

We also went to a concert by Bebo Norman and Shane & Shane. It was more worship than concert. We had a Shane & Shane CD from a few years back when they played at PBU where Josh was. They are starting to get some radio air time now. Both groups had very humble hearts and an obvious love of God. It was a blessing to be there.
We also met Christina, Zach's girlfriend, for supper. So that was nice to get together - missed you, Zach.

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