Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thanksgiving in Philly

Catching Up Part 2
This Fall for the second time ever, we were not in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. We flew to Philadelphia to spend it with Josh and Lauren. It was a fast but fun weekend. It was so good to see where they are living now. Zach was able to join us from the CMC in MA. He had been in NY City for school, so he took a bus from China Town, NY to China Town, Philly. It's much cheaper than going Greyhound, and I think maybe a little more interesting. We did get a desperate phone call earlier in the week as he was trying to find the station on foot carrying his bags and running out of time. He didn't think that anyone there spoke English. What a great thing Mapquest is. He did make it with not too much time so spare.
We all worked together to get Thanksgiving Dinner ready.
Lauren's Mom, Barb was able to join us, coming from Lancaster. It was so good to see her again.

The morning of Thanksgiving we walked to get a newspaper so that we could look for the sales fliers and plan our shopping on Fri. Lauren drove, as the 2 of us headed out together. We were very successful and made it home before the guys. It made it very interesting when the 5 of us were in one store and trying to buy things for each other. Had to keep a close eye out as the store wasn't too big.
Friday night and Saturday Christina was able to join us. We were glad that it worked out, especially Zach. Josh got their little tree out and we then speed decorated it. The goal was to get it done within 3 Christmas songs. The lights were put on first, but then..... GO! We almost made it - just a little into the 4th song. I don't know that we started a new tradition for them but it was something different and fun.

We have so much to be thankful for. I love it when we can all be together. But, being in Philly meant that I wasn't with my family back home. I really missed that also. These times together are precious to me.
I also missed our church's Thanksgiving service. It's a time when almost all of the service is God's people sharing the many things they are thankful for - how God has worked and how His people have come along side to minister. There are often tears as we "rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep."
Thank you, Lord for the blessings of family - ours & yours.

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