Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day is Done

Dad handed her the small box while she sat up in her hospital bed. "I have something for you", he said. He helped her open the box and showed her a beautiful necklace. It was silver with a pink stone surrounded by wire in the shape of the breast cancer ribbon symbol. His voice broke as he showed her the angel. It has a front clasp so that women who have gone through this surgery can fasten it themselves.
"Oh, it's beautiful", Mom said. A tender kiss from my father to his bride of 56 years. It is so hard to see someone you love be in so much pain.
It was a long day - at the hospital before 7 a.m. waiting in the pre-surgery area, a painful nuclear medicine procedure to follow dye into the lymph nodes to look for more cancer, more waiting, more drugs, up for surgery and Dad & I wait for the calls. The hospital gives you a cell phone so they can quickly contact you with what's happening. After one hour the 1st dr. called - all went well- lymph nodes look clear, we'll know for sure in 2 weeks. 1 1/2 hour later the 2nd dr. calls- all went well, - wait for call from recovery. One more hour and we get the last call - she's out of recovery we can go to her room.

Later, when one of the doctors came to her room, I thanked him and told him that there were a lot of people praying for him that day. He seemed a little surprised and said, "Well, it couldn't hurt."

As Dad and I went back home there was a neighbor watching and waiting. With a heavy Polish accent, Helena asked how it had gone. She and many others have been praying. Today once home with Mom, I talked with Helena again. I barely know her yet as we talked she showed a loving spirit- a "kindred heart" as she talked of her prayers. It was so awesome to share a verse with her from Psalms about God being our "portion". She said that He wants us to call on Him always, not just when there's problems. With tears in her eyes she spoke of her husband who doesn't believe. I love my parents and would do anything to help them, but how much more the burden and pain when your loved one doesn't know the one who gave His all on the cross for them.

Mom is healing, although today she has a lot of physical pain. But we rejoice in the God of our Salvation, He alone is worthy of all our praise.

God is good - all the time
All the time - God is good.


Cynthia R. Dickerson said...

Brenda -- it's really good to hear from you today -- I have been wondering about you and your Mom. Prayers continue -- best regards, CRD

Nikki said...

You've all been in my thoughts and prayers this week, friend. I'm so thankful you could be there with your parents.

Praising God for the good reports thus far, and praying for continued comfort and healing.