Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sweetheart Set-up

Although the first night of the banquets is behind us, right now I'm just going to post a few pictures of some of the set up. I often think of taking pictures after the fact - so there aren't a lot of them. The snow storm that dumped 12"+ and closed everything rearranged our week for us but it all came together in time.

There was the large multi purpose room with the stage to set up, piano to move from the sanctuary to the room, pillars to move which we ended up not using, lattice to decorate and decorating the foyer to make it look like a park in the winter.

Take a look at the picture of Lyn and myself with the trees. If you enlarge the picture you'll be able to see 2 of our youth hiding amount the set-up.

You've heard of "tree huggers"? How about "pillar hugger" by our fearless leader, Pastor Jon MacDonald.

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