Sunday, February 03, 2008

An "Unforgettable" Week

I am heading into what is the busiest week of the year for me. It is the week of our church's Sweetheart Banquet put on each year by the youth. It is an outreach event and a night to be an encouragement in our marriages and relationship with the one we love. It is a themed event with this year titled, "Unforgettable". It is a dressy evening in black and white.
Since the end of October, 25 of our youth have been rehearsing music and skits to be performed for their parents and many others. The songs this year are classic love songs such as Unforgettable. They have been doing such a wonderful job and working so hard on the songs and choreography even though they haven't known many of these songs before.
So, tomorrow night we start with some of the decorations. For the first time we are using and decorating the main foyer along with the main dining area. The foyer will be an outdoor scene with snow, trees with lights, park benches, street lights and a trio of musicians playing.

My check list is long:
* bring: tree, lights, spots, candles, sheets, bench, cords, power strips, candle lighters, vases, twigs painted white, 2 x 4's, tape, pins, etc...
* get final sign up for servers, find black cloth, poles, sheets, assign small group tasks, get hole punch, etc...
* be there Mon. night, Tues. night, Wed. night, ... oh, well... all week.

There are still a lot of little details to be taken care of. Lyn, Nikki and I love doing this and each year it seems we learn more about how to do it better. We also learn to leave things in God's hands when details doesn't go as we had anticipated.

Here are a few pictures from the last two years.

I'll post more pictures after the event. In the mean time, I try to sleep and not be anxious about those details. Our goal is that God would be honored and that people will have an opportunity to hear of His love for them and for their marriages to be strengthened.

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Linda said...

Mark and I are going to our youth group's valentine dinner on Friday night too at our church. Not quite the production yours is, but it will be fun. Hope you get everything done, but you're an old pro at this.